In the midst of my skyrim break, I started playing mass effect 3 and it was just so screenshot/gif-able that I decided to start an me3 blog. But then I realized that it’s pretty stupid for me to keep making a separate blog for each game I play (even though specialized blogs will prolly get more followers). So about 30 posts in, I decided to just change it into a general gaming blog..

So if you’re interested in the same lame humor or the photostitched panoramas or crappy gifs for any game I play, follow me @ :D

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sorry for the lack of updates, but it saddens me to say that I have grown tired of Skyrim (for now haha) and moved on to other games, either ones that my friends force me to play with them or Mass Effect 3 (let’s just admit we are all waiting for Guild Wars 2 haha) But just because I’m taking a break from Skyrim, does not mean I’m deleting this blog.. I know I will come back to replay this game eventually (especially with the Creation Kit out and future Expansions/DLCs they pump out) and I will continue to post stuff again.. Thanks for all the fan mail/messages and a thank you to all my followers (really surprised how many I got haha)

  03/14/12 at 01:27am

So the lack of Skyrim playtime caused me to not visit nexus and check out some of the latest mods. Among the many I have recently downloaded and tried, here is a quick list of 3 that I feel are great immediate additions:

SkyUI by SkyUI Team (pictured above) - An amazing improvement to the lackluster vanilla inventory/barter/container/magic interface. Adds features such as sortable columns and a search/filter feature for finding specific items/spells. Works great with both mouse/keyboard or a controller. (Requires the Skyrim Script Extender [SKSE] to work)

Better Sorting by Headbomb (also pictured above) - This mod renames items for, well, better sorting and it works flawlessly with SkyUI. Very helpful in easily finding and grouping potions/arrows/ingots/etc.

TESV Acceleration Layer by Arisu - Another SKSE mod that increases frames per second in CPU-heavy areas of the game. Many users seem to have from 2-20 fps increases. I personally have seen improvements of around 4-6 fps in mainly outdoor areas with far draw distances and whatnot.

I will try to update my main modlist with all the other great mods I’m using later today when I get back from class.

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skyrim: windhelm concept art

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skyrim: solitude concept art

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Is there a fierce fire breathing dragon keeping you down while traveling around Skyrim? No worries! Dorkly has a new way around those beasts in their new hilarious comic. Check out their previous Skyrim / dragon solution here.

A Skyrim Challenge by Dorkly (Facebook) (Twitter)

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the best use of the new fanmail feature I’ve seen so far, haha.. whoever you are, genius.

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In the Giants Den by ~1Rich1

Artist called this a “daily practice”. Holy shit, man.

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and the nostalgia boner continues with Morrowind-Like Glass Armor..

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I still wish there was a way to convince The Blades that Paarthurnax can be trusted (and spared) as his time spent in constant mediation on the Way of the Voice has allowed him to overcome the dominating nature of dragons..

  01/05/12 at 03:35am

holy shit I miss morrowind.. damn you stormcloak for posting up all that concept art and making me re-live this painful nostalgia haha..

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Ascadian Isles by ~SnowSkadi

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